Sunday, April 9, 2017


i always have those questions in my head
spinning around like the moon circling the earth

i guess we’ll have to face that phase in our life
when we kinda need to just escape
stop searching for answers
let go

how do i stop a wheel that won’t ever stop spinning?
how do i tell a bird that won’t ever stop singing?
how do i tell a soul that won’t ever stop aching?

Monday, August 29, 2016

That Good Shit Poem

Like the land joining the sea
I will always find you

Like my favourite Justin Bieber song say
you will always be my Favourite Boy

Like that last bite of my favourite chocolate pudding
you always left me wanting more

Like a child with their favourite toy
i will always miss you

You’ve given me that good shit
that make me not quit

and i don’t wanna quit
i don’t think i’ll ever want to

Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Instagram was Hacked :(


i’ve been taking my time way too long i think? haha
i realized i haven’t write anything related to my daily life here as much as i used to, because, honestly, who cares? haha but i got much free time now that i’m still in my Eid break here in Medan sooooo why not make a new post? :"

few days ago me and my best friends finally reunited after our last getaway early May this year!
btw i made a video of our last vacation if you haven’t seen it
Click this gif to see the video

it feels so good to finally be reunited with everyone, it’s been only 2 months away but i’m always missing them :)

about few weeks ago, i was at my office when i wanted to check on my instagram, but then it said i’m no longer exist or idk i don’t remember. so i asked my friend to checked out my instagram and it said ‘no accounts found’
my instagram was hacked.
I was shocked at first, but then confused. because, i had… what? 420 something followers? haha
what’s the intention to hacked someone’s instagram then deleted it?
i tried to get it back at first but then i was like.. whatever, it’s just an instagram anyway :(

so i made a new one!

A photo posted by NQH (@ninditaqisthina) on

so.. you can follow this one i guess? if you'd like? :”


Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Tourist

Sometimes some places makes you feel like you’re a tourist.

it could be anywhere
or anything
anything that you see as a ‘place’
somewhere you can visit, somewhere you can be present

What exactly is a tourist?
How does a person define as a tourist? 

noun tour·ist \ˈtu̇r-ist\
a person who travels to a place for pleasure

‘a place for pleasure’

could a heart be one?

you are a tourist when you’re visiting a place.
a place that is not home,
your home.

so am i a tourist in your heart now?
or am i not?
if you let me stay
should i stay?

that way you'd become my home
that way i am not a tourist anymore..


Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Super Cute Sleepover

These past few weeks i had been super busy with works and everything.
i had no sleeps at night, i do 3 different works at the same time
every day at work.
i mean.. it was just super chaos :(
i feel like i’m punishing my body for nothing.
so i decided i need a little break just to ‘breathe’
and track my mind back to its path.

Last week i went to Bandung to visit my friend there. y’know, getting my laugh pills to lose all the tension i’ve been having.We stayed at this super cute hotel called Summerbird Hotel.
I’m not very good at giving reviews, tho that’s not what this post is about. But i’m recommending this hotel for you who’s an instagram kind of people because even tho this hotel is pretty petitΓ©, but there are a lot of good spot for photography there.

By the way, when we were there,
Zayn dropped his 1st Album Mind of Mine,
have you listened to it yet?

there’s one track that got my attention, it’s called

this is a 2 minutes track that he sings in Urdu language.
Okay, if you don’t know me, i grew up listening and watching Bollywood movies,

and i love everything about India culture, specially their musics.
SO when i first heard this song, and listening Zayn sings in Urdu,

i got tears & chills because i didn’t expect him to be able to make this kind of music,
i just.. :’)
Anyway, if you haven’t listened to the album yet, you should tho :)